18 Oktober 2018
21 Mai 2019
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The Global Leader Power GTPC-S series LED power supply, are exceptionally versatile and usefull anywhere where space available for power supply is small.

Thanks to their uniqe housing shape, the GTPC-S are perfect for furniture as well as for signage and advertiseing applications. The characteristic features of the GTPC-S series are long low and narrow shape, small weight and ease of instal thanks to mounting holes. The key feature, however, is they meet all legal requirements for lighting equipment (EN55015, EN6000-3-2 class C etc.).

The GTPC-S are available in 30W, 45W, 60W, 75W and 100W in 12V or 24V.

Power 30 W
Op. voltage 12 V / 24V
Op. current 2.5 A / 1.25A
isolation class II
Working temp. range -20 ~ +45 °C
Warranty 3 years
Dimmensions [L × W x H] 251 × 30 × 16.5 mm
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pdf GTPC-30-S-spec-EN-R1 641 KB
pdf GTPC-S-manual-R1 139 KB